Number plate types

Number plates are a series of letters and numbers written on either aplastic or metal plates and fixed on the front and back of a vehicle. A number plate contains letters and numbers ( The first two letters show the place where the car was registered. The first letters represent the location and the DVLA location, respectively. The second two numbers indicate the age of the vehicle, and the last three letters are randomly chosen and assigned to when the car is registered. Different countries across the world have different ways in which they distinguish their number plates in terms of color and logos.

Types of Number plates

There are different forms of number plates that one can choose from. They include:

Prefix Number Plate

This kind of number plate lets you put the year identifier first, followed by the letters. You can choose to personalize it.

Suffix Number Plate

Just as the prefix number plate, you are to include both the year identifier and the letters, but in this case, the letters do come first followed by the year identifier ( It can also be made personalized number plate. This can be done by combining the letters and numbers to form a word of your choice.

We have personalized number plates.

Personalized number plates have many different names such as vanity plate, prestige plate, cherished plate, private number plates, personised plates, personalized registration, and custom plates. Well, a personalized number plate is a special kind of vehicle registration plate placed on a vehicle or an automobile. Usually, the owner of the car pays an extra cost just to pick their own kind of letters or numbers normally portraying a recognizable slogan, phrase, or abbreviation on the number plate. Both the prefix and suffix number plates can be made personalized number plates depending on the choice of the owner.